New FFF - Life without Professional Sports

Fast Fiction is fiction written fast. The object is to get your brain thinking about a given subject without interference from “reason”. Go for the 30 minute time limit.

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New FFF - Life without Professional Sports

Postby JillStar » Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:08 pm

Please visit What is Fast Fiction to learn about these prompts.

Look at the subject for today's Fast Fiction at the end of this post. Once you have an idea, begin to write. Don't stop to ponder the meaning behind your writing or try to fix it... just write. Try to stick to the 30 minutes time limit but if you go over, that's completely fine!

If you want to post your finished product on WordTrip, simply add it to this thread. We would love it!

REMINDER: Please keep your stories PG13 if posted on the site.

SUBJECT: Life without Professional Sports"
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