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Upcoming changes

Postby charlesp » Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:54 pm

This is just a quick update on the progress of Wordtrip.com. We have been looking at a few changes to make in the new year recently and I wanted to share some of the options that have been discussed.

The biggest, and probably first, change will be a different "front-end" to the site. We're looking at some content-management systems as a means of having the first thing you see when you visit Wordtrip.com be articles and challenges in readily accessible and easy-to-read formats. This will also mean a few ads on those pages as well, hopefully funding the Wordtrip experience better than current advertising is doing.

One of the other changes we've looked at is upgrading to the latest version of our forum software, which will require some testing and modifications to put in some of the features that get used the most, as well as applying our general "look."

There will be some contests in 2008, using a different structure than we have in the past. There's a good chance we'll privatize the forums in some way to allow for more free conversation and critique while not exposing our works to the broader public view (and hence any publishable entanglements).

While I'm sure there will be other changes, and the timeline hasn't been set in stone, I wanted to give you all a little update so you know what's happening here with our community.

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Postby Mlou » Sat Dec 15, 2007 12:37 pm

Sounds good. :)
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Postby *Elle* » Sat Dec 15, 2007 2:00 pm

Sounds Interesting! Keep me updated! :D
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Postby bfsooner » Mon Dec 31, 2007 7:23 pm

Looking forward to the changes. CP and Mods, thanks for all of your hard work with WT!!!

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