Picture Perfect - The Ring

The Picture Perfect Writing portion of Wordtrip is used to inspire writing through the "VISUAL" of life. Look at the current picture and write an opening line, paragraph, poem, or short story. Perhaps even begin a new novel!

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Picture Perfect - The Ring

Postby Anblick » Sun May 11, 2008 10:16 pm

WORDTRIP wrote:The Picture Perfect Writing portion of Wordtrip is used to inspire writing through the "VISUAL" of life. Look at the picture below and write whatever comes to mine... short story, Fast Fiction or novel... even a poem may be inspired from this picture.

For more information... click HERE.

Here's your next picture challenge to inspire us to write. Write an opening line, paragraph or even a short story to go along with the picture. Perhaps even begin a new novel! Maybe members would like to use these as future tags... just ask the person who starts it if it's ok to use.

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Postby gnomenapper » Sun May 11, 2008 11:18 pm

Jenna found out about her best friend's engagement from Mary's website. A blog post, with a picture of a diamond ring- was all the advance knowledge she recieved. She was hurt beyond words. The two had made pacts all throughout the younger years to be each others maid of honour, and she hadn't even known her friend had a boyfriend. Nevermind a fiance.
It was mind boggling.
Mary was a girl who didn't date. She kept to herself, her books, her work. The only human interaction she let in to her world was Jenna. 6 months earlier their relationship suddenly changed. Mary stopped responding to e-mail messages, hurried responses would arrive 3 weeks late. The girls' careers had taken them to opposite sides of the country, so e-mail was their constant source of information, of comradery. Jenna was sure a knife had stabbed her in the gut as she looked at the happy blog post. She had been traded in for a man named Brenden.

She felt her emotions churn, and slowly turned off the monitor. It hurt to lose a friend, but she hoped Mary would come around one day. It was the only positive thought she could muster as she cried for the loss of her longest friendship.
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Postby PaulG » Mon May 12, 2008 4:59 pm

Billy was worried. Looking at Emily’s hand, what he saw did not portend well.

Maybe paying $38.50 for an engagement ring was a bad idea! Now Emily’s middle three fingers were all swollen and the general color of her hand was a mottled, pale pink. This was not looking good and Billy’s keen mind could sense her unhappiness.
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