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PP - Woodpecker Acrobatics

Posted: Mon May 02, 2005 9:55 pm
by JillStar
Remember... all of your participation in the Wordtrip challenges go towards your chances of being the next WotM.

jillstar wrote:The Picture Perfect Writing portion of Wordtrip is used to inspire writing through the "VISUAL" of life. Look at the picture below and write whatever comes to mine... short story, Fast Fiction or novel... even a poem may be inspired from this picture.

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Here's your next picture challenge to inspire us to write. Write an opening line, paragraph or even a short story to go along with the picture. Perhaps even begin a new novel! Maybe members would like to use these as future tags... just ask the person who starts it if it's ok to use.


Picture notes:

Picture taken from my mother's back yard in Washington State where she had tons of different species of bird invading her yard year after year.