What is Fast Fiction?

Fast Fiction is fiction written fast. The object is to get your brain thinking about a given subject without interference from “reason”. Go for the 30 minute time limit.

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What is Fast Fiction?

Postby JillStar » Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:13 pm

Fast Fiction is just that... fiction written fast. The object is to get your brain thinking about a given subject without interference from “reason”. We often write with “reason” behind our words making changes before we get through a small portion of the idea in our head.

We do a lot of “double-talk” where we begin to doubt the muse behind the magic of our writing. Instead of just letting it flow from our mind to our fingers and out on the paper, we stop and say “is anyone really going to be interested in this” or “I can’t write this kind of stuff, who am I fooling” or “I need to get the laundry done”.

One of your goals should be to schedule an hour out of your day to write (or some other given amount of time) and then sit down and do it.

Now, lets include a little exercise in Fast Fiction.

I will post a phrase, or a word or a situation or even a beginning sentence for you. Your job is to check for your Fast Fiction Challenge each week, sit down, close your eyes and think. Once you have the slightest beginning to your story… you begin to write. Don't stop to ponder the meaning behind your writing or try to "fix" it so it's perfect... you only have 30 minutes to finish (unless it takes you longer, which is fine).

We want to see your Fast Fiction after it’s complete, but it’s your writing and you don’t have to share it with anyone. Knowing you don’t have to post it will probably help you write without worrying about who will read it. Just remember, everyone’s writing is important. As you get stronger with your Fast Fiction writing, you will begin to realize others may benefit from seeing you working so hard.

If you want to include your Fast Fiction finished product on WordTrip, simply add it in the thread for that particular challenge. We would love it!

REMINDER: Please keep your stories PG13 if posted on the site. If you want a crit after you are complete, please consider using your writing group for help in that area or send a PM to one of us.
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