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Unwanted Messages

Postby JillStar » Fri May 06, 2016 9:46 pm

Hello everyone,
We added a new member added to the site a bit ago who immediately spammed an unknown number of members. This member has since been removed.

Please ignore this person's message and delete it. If you received spam messages in the future, please look to the top right corner of the message and hit the "report" button. This will let the admins know that a member is spamming other members.

Warnings to watch for... anyone who asks to meet you in person or asks you to email them when you don't know them. When they mention they are from another country (this one is tricky since so many people are from different countries online) and still want to meet you in person. They say they want to discuss something important with you... and you still don't know them. The person says they are in dire straights and without your help the unthinkable will happen. They speak in broken English, don't capitalize words that would normally be capitalized, use punctuation in weird ways or none at all. They say they have money they can't get at without your help. And just so many other red flags you should question. Again... if you don't know the person already, that is the biggest red flag!

Please post below to let us know if you have had any messages in the last day or two. Hopefully this person is now sufficiently banned.
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