Rules for Various Wordtrip Bar Games

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Rules for Various Wordtrip Bar Games

Postby Anblick » Sun Mar 13, 2005 3:38 pm

First off: Rule #1 is that you are not to try to "stump" everyone else, that does nothing but end the game, and thus everyone's fun.

Word Association:

This is the classic "what's the first thing that comes to mind" with the previous word.


the word is "black"
you might reply with "white"
then the next person might reply with "light"
someone then might reply with "heavy"
and so on and so forth...

Try to keep phrases to 5 words or less...

Question Game:

Perhaps the simplest rules of all of them. You must post a question that carries on the conversation by relating to the previous question.

3 Words:

Perhaps the next simplest rules of all of them. You simply post a response to the previous post that expresses a complete thought using only three words.

Word Morph:

You take the previous word and change it by one letter. This can be changing a single letter in the word, adding a single letter, removing a letter, or moving a single letter to a different location within the word.


one can be changed to on, bone, ode, eon to name a few.

Rearranging letters is only allowed if the word cannot be changed using the above rules.

The current word may be changed completely by a moderator if lots of repetition begins with the current set of words.

Proper nouns are allowed if it's a reasonably common proper noun (Vegas, Paris, etc).

Words from other languages are allowed only if said foreign language word is commonly used along with English also. A few examples are "amour", "schmuck", and "moseltov".

IF there are no possible changes to the word other than to return to the previous word, put a note there to that effect and you MAY rearrange the letters. If that isn't an option either, wait for a MOD to give a new starting word.

Acronym Game:

How it works...
A word is posted as an acronym and the letters have to be used to make a sentence or sentences.

You, As The Person Replying, mark one of the words in your sentence by using bold, underline, or UPPERCASE. That word will then be used for the following Acronym.


GEOGRAPHY is the start word...

George Edwards' old grandmother rode a pony home yesterday.

'Grandmother' is the next 'acronym'...

Gerald rode a new donkey monday. Oliver told Heather extra ROBUSTLY!

the next word would be ROBUSTLY ... and so on...

The sentences don't have to relate to the previous one, but it would be more fun if they did after all! Try to make the next word at least 5 letters in length!

Movie Association:

The rules are simple: take the MOVIE listed in the previous thread, find a DIFFERENT actor from that same movie, list another movie they starred in. TV shows don't count, but miniseries/TV movies can count. And using is not cheating if you want to participate and can't make a connection on your own...

for instance, if the previous listing was:

Gary Sinise - Apollo 13

you'd find another actor from Apollo 13 (let's say Tom Hanks) and pick a different movie he was in (let's say Big).

Then list it as

Tom Hanks - Big

The next person would find another actor from Big (say Robert Loggia) and pick a different movie he was in (let's say Jagged Edge)

Then list it as

Robbert Loggia - Jagged Edge

- Vocal works count (i.e. Disney cartoons, Darth Vader's voice, Bruce Willis as the kid's voice in Look Who's Talking, etc)
- Directing/Producing/other non-acting attachments to a film DO NOT count. (Unless they ALSO acted in it as either on-screen appearances or vocal parts.)
- Try to include the Amazon link by including the ASIN/ISBN so Wordtrip can make a few cents to keep the site running!
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