Living a Gluten Free Life With You

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Living a Gluten Free Life With You

Postby Olsenpotter » Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:20 pm

I must admit
when you told
me I couldn't
eat anymore bread,
I felt betrayed.

What about my baking?
The joy of mixing flour, water, time,
to create that delicious aroma of yeast
that filled our kitchen to the point
of drunkenness.

I won't lie.
I miss it.
I miss gluten.
There, I said
it out loud.

However, since gluten leads to cancer,
and cancer leads to death,
I've decided. I can do without the flour
(and we both know the calories).
In sickness or health,
with bread or without,

I do, again.
I'll leave you a note in the freezer.

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