Unspoken Emotion (comments are welcome)

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Unspoken Emotion (comments are welcome)

Postby Olsenpotter » Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:50 am

There are some people
for whom I have hidden feelings.

For example,
I, secretly, am jealous of my wife
because she has a 401k.

I, also, am unable to speak
about any of my friends in other countries
because speaking increases the distance
and loneliness sets in.

As well as having the fear of scarring
my son for life with my inability to discuss
the joy, the overwhelming glee,
he instills in me every time

he wrinkles his nose to laugh,

his eyes go wide as he examines life,

or he gives me an open-mouthed, drool-filled goodnight kiss.
I'll leave you a note in the freezer.

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