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Postby JT » Wed Nov 15, 2006 6:50 pm

Special woman, so special they wrote centuries ago.*
Truth be told, pillar of strength, through hardship and hell;
Mom died and just a child, then homeless at sixteen.
husband left after she did it all; we just see her smile.

Puts herself down over small things, but that’s true humility:
she's always caring for strays, even mangy ones like me.
She never says it; everyone she’s touched sees her belief.
Charity at home first: family, friends and community.

She's accepting, only with parables suggesting flaws;
the first one we, blessed with her love, seek in times of need.
she’s never just fair weather, calming raging storms like me;
dearest friend, on and off lover, part of ancient eternity.

Selecting silk and cloth, and working with eager hands;
she’s strong and never idle, ready for any task, worthy plan.
Makes an honest living, standing up for others on her own.
Any man would be proud; I was when she called me hers.

Dear Lord, give this women what she’s earned;
bless her with a man who measures up every way.
You're all knowing, she's an angel, perfect and deserving;
we know very little, but all we see is a lady of true class.


*See Proverbs 31:10-30 (NIV).

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