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Life, Precious Life

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 6:03 pm
by Dionysus
Lust. Unrequited. Quest for love abandoned.
Broken spirit limping down hope highway.
Red eyes see nothing, with perfect clarity.
Vision fades; burned out, seeking truth.
Pulsating pain. Searing pain. Incapacitating pain.
Staggering forward and losing ground.
Spiritual void. Starving sensitivity into drugnumbness.

6 billion alone together.

Deceptive moments mimic connection.
Reality crushes perception; humans lie.
Self awareness and self deception twisted
together in a rope of delusion.
Pain from the outside, pain on the inside.
Hope burning, love burning, enlightenment burning,
future burning, resolve burning, soul-in-flames.

Heaven is an illusion, hell is here.