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Empty Kisses

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 11:23 am
by Angel No1
These feelings are to hard to keep in
So much dishonesty, deciet, denial.
Is it really worth lies and me committing a sin,
when so much is at stake?
Perfect, pure, passion is how it all began
And i don't know how to tell you the truth
Nothing is going to plan.
Simple, sweet, sacred was once how our love was
But i've fallen out of love with you
And there's nothing i can do.
You came to me and kissed me
A kiss which was once true bliss,
But i do not feel anything real
Nothing but your lips.
So, there is nothing left to say
Except that it was not my intention to hurt you
I hope you forgive me one day
But soon you'll see thingss are better this way.