Apologia (Critiques and comments welcome)

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Apologia (Critiques and comments welcome)

Postby mae » Sat Jun 25, 2005 3:17 pm

I was a bit terse with my mate.


If days’ events were kindly fair
with naught occurring to furrow the brow,
nor happenstance to burden one’s heart,
terse discourse ’twixt us should be rare.

If the great bowl of sky o’er us
were always reminiscent of robins’ eggs
or twinkling sapphires at the pool’s bottom,
no twitching tongue could bring a fuss.

Alas, the opposite is more often true!
Gray skies reflect a gray countenance
and a glowering mien’s more oft displayed
than a softer, more pleasing view.

I pray thee, forgive me my dagger tongue
and the nettled glance I cast at thee.
Accept my plea to pardon my affront
and show the smile on which my hopes are hung.

Cynthia Bateman, 2004
My heart beats in poetry. I think in rhythm and dream in rhyme.

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