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Solitary Waltz - Crits welcome

Posted: Fri May 20, 2005 12:53 pm
by mae
This is just a scene in my mind

Alone in the moonlight-spangled room,
The music her only companion,
She sways and sashays in time.
Embraced by her own silken arms,
She dances, slowly and languorously
On soft, silent tiptoe across the silvered floor.

The music swells and she spins and spins
And spins again. Then stops.
With a soft caress her skirt settles around her legs
And she begins to move once more.
In a whispered hush the music beckons and
Only her shoulders move in answer.
Slowly her head falls back and
Her hair swings free,
Obeying the music with its own dance.

As the moonlight moves across the room
She follows, still lost in her solitary waltz.
At last, the glimmering light is gone,
Leaving the room in that lightest of darknesses
Just before dawn.

Though hidden now in softening shadow
She dances to a symphony of dreams
Until the music begins anew.

Cynthia Bateman, 2004