A Silent Passing /crit very welcome

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A Silent Passing /crit very welcome

Postby dumbsheep1702 » Tue May 10, 2005 3:28 pm

A Silent Passing
By Larry Bufalino

As I sit here in this classroom my eyes are weighted and my head is empty
It’s funny; function is so absent to meaning
I believe that about any controlled environment
Everyone’s minds are shackled to the prison of society as their bodies slowly rot away in darkness
We learn to know for what, so we can move onto the next social construct, and then another

What about the human component
Is there no longer any value to a single individual?
There isn’t any and that’s what makes it all one big heap of hidden irony
We are filled with teachings that are so distant from what we think was the beginning
I feel we are no longer humans

We are the products of corporate America
Our minds flow with the current of the media while our hearts drown in it
None of this will ever come into the light until it’s too late
For if this bitter sweet end does come in my time then I guess I was lucky
But if this fate should befall our world and I am no longer here then I will be a genius

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