Gypsy Me-- crit is good

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Gypsy Me-- crit is good

Postby spot » Mon Aug 30, 2004 1:46 pm

Okay-- this one is a little long. Another story poem. Let me know what you think..

It had been a
knockdown nerve-wracking
won’t-let-you-rest kind of week.
I was driving yet again
on a long highway to nowhere
when I called you
from the pay phone at an all night diner.
You answered huskily
and I realized I was still
a time zone away
and you were probably in bed.
“Hi you” I said.
“Hey stranger” you answered.
Then “Where are you?”
“Hell” I replied.
No questions asked,
you simply said “come”.
“I’ll be there before you know it.”

I drove for hours
then let myself in.
I walked down the hall
dropping clothes as I went
and climbed into your bed.
You were warm and sleepy
and oh so comfortable.
You didn’t ask for the promises
we both know I won’t,
can’t keep.

You told me once (in an argument)
that I was like a storm
blowing into your life
suddenly catching you unaware.
Blinding you with
danger & excitement
then moving on
leaving only devastation.
I know this is true.
And god knows, lying here,
watching you sleep
I wish I could be
a forever kind of girl.
The kind that bakes cookies
and makes a home.
But we both know
that would drive me crazy
every day the same thing
it’s just not in my gypsy soul.

Someday, you’ll find your forever girl-
and I won’t take refuge here anymore.
Because she’ll hate me-
your sometimes lover,
always love.
While she’s the woman in your arms
I’ll always be
the goddess of your dreams.
And though I have my flaws
I don’t steal other women’s men-
even when
they belonged to me first.

And so this time I’ll stay
a few days- more or less
and lick my wounds
gather my strength
and feed on the
comfort you give.
But you’ll wake up
one morning soon
and I’ll be gone-again.

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