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Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 3:42 pm
by Mlou
So why can't man be more reasonable? *sigh*

Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2006 5:32 pm
by JT
LilacWine wrote:Rising

Man is mortal,
lost and bereft;
where cold
the soul,
reasoning is
a sweet ray
of light.

Immortal rays of light,
peak from nuclear winter;
cold reason destroys eternity -
forever, here and now;
embrace, no longer fight.

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 11:24 am
by Mlou
Hmmm...interesting, JT, if a wee bit obscure. :)

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 6:27 pm
by JT
Mlou wrote:Hmmm...interesting, JT, if a wee bit obscure. :)

Maybe more like unintelligable. Just trying the reverse of Pamela's theme. You see, it is the opposite view, albeit poorly written. Hope she doesn't mind my tag a long. But where is she anyway? And that darn PIM site did it again today. My computers hate pop-ups and they prohibit copying or printing pop-ups. But you keep on nagging, so I'll post a 15 word, plus 5 pieces thing, if what I wrote down makes any sense to me when its in type. Laughable, but at least I tried.

Car Wreck

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 6:41 pm
by JT
The shocks awake life;
beyond time,
nothing is safe.
Insane laughter -
Crash and fire,
peace at last.

(laugh/t/er; in/sane)

Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 8:07 pm
by Mlou
Oh, JT, it was "that d... list" again today. For about the 60th time, or more. *sigh*
But just for you, I tried to squeeze out one more. Aaaack!

Light is life.
Beyond its reach
we wither
like plants
denied the sun. don't have to explain how you got them. We're used to fiddling with those pieces and letters by now. Like: with/er And I was able to cover the et of planets with a single t, to make plants. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 12:50 am
by JT
Mlou wrote:Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I love this line. Heard something similar before, but don't think this one. Sounds like a good first sentence for a pulp fiction novel. Thanks.

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:58 am
by Mlou
Actually, I think it's a quote from somewhere but don't remember exactly.

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 11:51 am
by Mlou
Today's list was made for JT, I think. tar, roads, 75 Miles an hour, journey, across the land, Chattahoochie to

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 3:10 pm
by LilacWine
Indifferent cloud
kisses the leaf
without touching
the shrouded
cactus marrow;
only faith
sustains the plant.

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 3:54 pm
by Mlou
Ah, shucks, I wanted to use indifferent but it just didn't fit in right. I like what you did with it.

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 4:50 pm
by JT
Mlou wrote:So why can't man be more reasonable? *sigh*

Man are reasonable; it's woman that cause trouble. Didn't that happen in the Garden of Eden! :roll:

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2007 5:49 pm
by Mlou
I doubt it. Just another case of a whiny man putting the finger of blame on somebody else. She didn't ram it down his throat remember.

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 1:52 pm
by LilacWine

Bewitching Moon,
her cradled embrace
tugging at tides,
promising briny pools bliss,
tempting seas with a kiss.

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 3:34 pm
by LilacWine
Long Shadows

He was reading lines
to a rose at midnight;
he should have been
into forgotten eyes.

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 5:50 pm
by Mlou
Boy, is HE in big trouble! :-D

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:31 pm
by LilacWine
Same old list, so I found a poetry generator and made this instead.

I Can't Write a Poem
Forget it
You must be kidding
My poet shirt is in the wash.
It's raining and the creek might rise.
There is a spider hanging over my desk.
Nobody ever wrote anything good on a Thursday.
My horoscope said "Don't begin any new projects".
There is a piece of cake in the fridge with my name on it.
The phaze of the moon is clashing with my frame of mind.
A black cat just walked across my keyboard.
Time's up? Uh oh!
All I have is a dumb list of excuses.
You like it? Really? No kidding.
Thanks a lot. Would you like to see another one?

here's the site.

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 2:47 pm
by Mlou
:-D I will visit that site first chance I get. (I took one look at today's and said goodby PIM.)

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 11:51 am
by LilacWine
Mother’s Treasured Gift

Heaven’s grandeur
in the sunshine
of a dandelion flower
in a little boy’s hand.

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 1:54 pm
by Mlou
Very nice, Lilac! Dandelion's make me see a different picture. Yankees ate them as spring greens. :)

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 4:12 pm
by LilacWine
I went way, way over today. Oh well.

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

We all rocked
around the clock
addicted to noise,
motion and gin,
blood buzzing
in our ears --
wanting summer
to never end.
Then that night
came and
Elvis was dead.

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 6:01 pm
by Mlou
Couldn't resist the lure of that word Elvis, I see. :D

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 12:08 pm
by pengwenn
In unwoven sleep
I breathe the restlessness
of phantom dreams,
the forces of
my false mind

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 12:20 pm
by Mlou
Deeep one, pengwenn! :)

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 9:04 pm
by hyperfine
Long tattered scarves
Black outside shoes
Particles of postcards
New white silence