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Postby kexxy » Mon May 03, 2004 6:23 pm

Here's a bit of something that I've started, it's on it's second draft now...

It’s two am, and the night’s too bright.
If only I could sleep tonight, (sleep or survive?)
then I would know that everything would be alright.
Pills, Pills, sing me to sleep.
Give me some rest, a bit of relief.
Give me anything than this.
The constant war cries of the air conditioner.
Only the soft, little candle comforts me.
She helps me see, without being too intense.
If only she were morning’s light
Or if I could sleep soundly tonight
Then I would know that everything would be alright.
It’s a common sight for me to see,
the teasing stare of the blank ceiling,
Laughing and teasing. It mocks me with reflections
giving me so much false hope
that the morning would soon come.
Dont "should" on yourself,
Dont "Should" on others,
And NEVER let anyone,
Should on you!

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