Stimulate pt 2

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Stimulate pt 2

Postby Aprofoundman » Fri Apr 09, 2004 12:16 pm

Envision having established meaningful tidings that symbolizes clarity.
I plan on expanding your mind with my mechanics.
I want you to bring you to a place where no one has taken you.
While you listen to my mellow words you will begin to lose yourself.
My verbalization will turn into stimulation.
Allow me to get inside your mind as I hold you spellbound.
I’m retractile when it comes to the cerebrum.
I will open up your mind and endow it with reason.
The terminology that I use are balmy.
Are you lost in yourself?
Can you withstand my strong mind?
May I enrich your mind?
Occupying the corners of your mind and the depths of your soul is a possibility that could have you lose all self control.
The elevation of my mind can take you to levels of the unknown.
Getting farther within your mind can be rational.
What I have to offer the mind is beyond what you can see.
Continue to close your eyes as you envision my thoughts.
Can you handle the torents of neurological mysticism?
I can make you see things that you never thought you could see.
My words are a rhythmic tone that fills your heart and your soul.
Can you feel me from the way I speak?
Does it bring you energy that is beyond your control?
Come with me to the furthest depths of my mind.
Are you intrigued?
Have I awakened your senses?
My sincerity is real like a jewel.
I strum a tune that is branded in your mind.
My thoughts you learn and for my mind you yearn for I have taken your mind to the point of no return.
Derick Bryant

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