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Postby Aprofoundman » Fri Apr 09, 2004 12:13 pm

Close your eyes as I begin to stimulate your mind.
Take a deep breath.
Open yourself to the endless possibilities.
Be intoxicated by every word.
This man can invigorate you.
I have the potential to blow your mind.
Let your mind go beyond itself.
I can introduce you to a whole new world.
What's your take on stimulation?
Do you like to be stimulated mentally?
What arouses you?
Words have the ability to affect a person in so many ways.
Go with the flow.
Easing the mind is a good way to eliminate tension.
Are you in a trance?
Taking you to the highest level is my intention.
Making endless love to the mind can be everlasting.
As you read these lines what are you thinking?
I want you to realize what being stimulated can do.
Prepare yourself for pleasure like you've never experienced.
A level of euphoria like you've never felt.
I'll take you on a journey of bliss.
With my essential elements my unit of expression is good for any occasion.
Can you hear the voice of words?
Be soothed by the rhythm of my voice.
Deep in your soul you'll feel me indefinitely.
As I invite you into a world of unexplored ideas.
Derick Bryant

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