Why I Write

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Why I Write

Postby Anblick » Sun Mar 14, 2004 8:11 pm

Posting a few of my favorite poems I've written.

This one was written 5/18/94:

Why I Write

I don’t usually try
To make my lines rhyme
The effort may stiffle my pen.
I write on the fly
What comes to my mind
The moment it becomes a thought.
When I feel in pain
My words may depress,
They quite often darken the room,
But fill me with joy
And add light to souls
With expressions beyond happiness.
I write for myself
Not for someone else.
It helps me cope
In peaks and valleys.
For through most my life
Emotions were scarce
And coping need never take place
But later in life
They came like a flood
And increased the stress on my mind.
My only escape
Is to write it all down
For each passing trial within
And hopefully soon
The cure will take hold
And stifle the pain from my mind


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