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Postby Anblick » Sun Mar 14, 2004 7:48 pm

Posting a few of my favorite poems I've written.

This one was written 10/11/93:


The world is an illusion
Pieced together in our minds.
Nothing is real
Yet nothing is fake,
For we just can't percieve
The never ending boundaries
Contained within our dreams.

The clouds rise high
And pull upon the earth
To form an unknown shape.
They pull and tug with unknown force
Of which we rarely see.
The rain outlines the strings
From which the clouds pull tight
To lift us through the universe
So that we may get home

The air it is a barrier
We never can get through.
We push and shove
And slice the air,
Yet always it is there.
Like a jungle of sky,
Like a wall of a room:
A never ending barrier
Without which, we'd be doomed.

The rivers are never moving
They always stand cold still.
The ground is ever traveling
For it can't stand the calm.
And everyone you'll ever meet
Is never really there
For you alone transcend the years
The rest is in your mind.


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