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The Gambler

Posted: Sun Mar 14, 2004 7:44 pm
by Anblick
Posting a few of my favorite poems I've written.

This one was written 7/28/93, and is probably the most personal one I've ever written:

The Gambler

The Chamber was loaded
And spun 'till it stopped
He lifted the gun to his head
He prayed for forgiveness
And squeezed on the trigger
A small bead of sweat started down.
He pulled on his finger
A little bit harder
And the instant withstood time itself.
It triggered the hammer
To strike towards the chamber
And perform the crime of his heart,
But nothing has happened
He stands and he ponders
The bullet did not fire as planned.
So, he'll wait a week longer
And reload the chamber
And gamble his life to the end.