Writing Group Request short FAQ

Post a request to join a group here, or if you've got a writing group that wants its own area, post that request too.

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Writing Group Request short FAQ

Postby charlesp » Thu Mar 18, 2004 9:48 am

OK... here's the quick run down of what you need to do to get a writing group area set up for YOUR group. After all of your members sign up at wordtrip for a free membership, post a message with 3 things in it.

1.) Who should be the group moderator (This person will be able to add/remove members as needed)

2.) Names (Wordtrip IDs) of all the group members

3.) A Name for the group

After you post that it should be available to you within a couple of days at the most. You can let us know if you're looking to add any other members as well. Your group can be closed to new members, open (your moderator will get the requests to join), or hidden so that nobody who's not a member will know that the group is around (unless they stumble upon your initial request).

Any questions can be PM'd to me, or you can e-mail webmaster@wordtrip.com


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