Just follow the trail of destruction

A place for you writers to complain about your writing and the writing process... maybe posting what you got done today to make you feel like less of a writing failure.

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Just follow the trail of destruction

Postby Quicksilver Wolf » Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:29 am

So, a writing blog by yours trully. *drums fingers on the table* Yeah.

New version of Ultima Warrior. I've gone for a much more condensed version now - you know, actually full length novels, and a reasonable amount of them. The first has no Anzors - they won't appear till about book 10, when the characters get back to Earth and find it overrun by the mind-controlling snakes. Instead it's about finding Arthrix, aka the Quicksilver Wolf and namesake of my username. It's got demons and magic swords, yes it does! :D
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