Welcome to the capitalism

Place to sell your used books or self-published items. Let people know about other projects you may have (i.e. a published newsletter or small business). Exchanges between members is not covered by WordTrip in any way.

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Welcome to the capitalism

Postby Wordtrip » Thu May 01, 2003 5:14 am

This section of the Forum is only for book sales, trading, etc.
Feel free to post any books and book related items for sale or trade here. This is also a great place to post information about buying your self published work, or announcing that the book you just wrote is going on sale.

If you're selling something you can post it directly for sale here, or post a link to ebay. However we ask that you do not start a thread for each book you happen to be selling on ebay, we'd love for you to post your books on here and save you the ebay fees, but if you want the open market sales price, we'll start a thread each month for you to post your ebay links to, that way this forum isn't clogged with advertisements for ebay.

Please by courtious, considerate, and honest in your dealings.

Thank you

wordtrip.com will not be responsible for any problems you may encounter before or after the sale. The sale is between you and the seller. No warranty is implied or stated for each sale and all items are as is where is. wordtrip.com is not responsible for any false claims made by seller, all text pertaining to sale item(s) is by seller and wordtrip can make no claim to it's factuality or authenticity. If you are interested in an item you must contact the seller by phone, mail, or e-mail and deal totally and directly to them. Please do not e-mail wordtrip for any information about any sale items.

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