Hit Man

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Hit Man

Postby WELTY69 » Sun Sep 11, 2005 11:20 pm

Summary of this Book...

John Keller is just your ordinary everyday average guy, even if he is a bit of a loner. He likes goes out to dinner and catch a movies, and sometimes he stays home to work on his new hobby, stamp collecting.

Periodically, Keller’s phone rings and he’s sent out of town on business. When he goes on a business trip someone ends up dying. While he is working he often stays a couple days longer than needed to visit stamp collecting stores in the area.

Just an ordinary fellow – except that the jobs Keller routinely travels to are contract killings.

Only this time is a bit different, he has to worry about his new dog falling in love with the dogsitter at his house, and someone has found out what he does and he claims to work for the Government.

Will this be Kellers last job? Is he a government cleaner now? Read on and find out.

I especially liked...

How we got to know John and we got to know why he does what he does. He is a bit of a lonely guy and he has trouble finding someone to confide in other then his boss.

When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...

Go rent The Cusack movie about the hitman who goes to his high school reunion.

The author of this Book...

Lawrence Block is a very accomplished author and I recomend most of his other stuff. The book after this is called Hit List, and the upcoming novel is Hit Parade...

I recommend this Book because...

If you love action and stories about hitmen and how close and personal they have to be with death then this is your book.

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