Paradise by Toni Morrison

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Paradise by Toni Morrison

Postby Shadowraven » Fri Aug 20, 2004 2:06 pm

Appears to be a character study, with each chapter focusing on a different woman, however I found it to be more of a town study. It was like Morrison was exploring the effects that just a few women in one house can have on an entire town. But the novel was more than that as well. Although I don’t completely understand the novel, and feel that a re-reading will be necessary to grasp even some of the basics, I think the book works on a variety of levels. I also think Morrison is exploring what it means to be female and not need a male, in fact to choose the company of women rather than have a man around. I think the author is also exploring the different definitions of “home.” Taking place in an all-black town situated in such a way as to exclude outsiders, the town tries to create “paradise.” I was disappointed though with the reasonings behind the opening scene. Once the story came full circle back to the beginning it seemed like there was really no reason at all as to why the men decided to do what they did. True to Morrison's form though in other novels of her's that I have read, a quite difficult read.
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