"Hiroshima" by John Hersey

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"Hiroshima" by John Hersey

Postby kexxy » Mon May 03, 2004 6:34 pm

Hey guys, here's an essay I had to write, so if you want an idea of what the books abotu, here you go.................
April 22, 2004
Mr. Brown’s 3rd hour English
Hiroshima Essay

Hiroshima, by John Hersey, is a collection of six different first person accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima. All of the characters in the story survive the initial damage made by the bombs. Three of the six characters, sacrificed their own lives, to help others. The characters that where most representative of humanitarianism and philanthropy, were
Dr. Sasaki, Father Kliensorge, and Mr. Tanimoto.

Dr. Sasaki was one of the most giving characters in Hiroshima. Even before the bomb hit, Dr. Sasaki risked his professional career by going to the suburbs, without a permit, to treat the sick. When he is the only doctor unharmed by the bomb, Dr. Sasaki stays at the hospital to treat the injured. He worked on the patents for over forty hours with less than three hours of sleep. By the time he left the hospital, one month after the bomb, he has lost about twenty pounds. Dr. Sasaki also showed his bravery by working with thousands of wounded, without knowing what his patients were afflicted with, or knowing if it was contagious. By giving his time to the wounded patients, Dr. Sasaki becomes one of the most giving characters in John Hersey’s novel, Hiroshima.

Father Kliensorge is another charitable character in Hiroshima. Before the bomb was dropped, Father Kliensorge was given to the community through his charitable work with the church. After the bomb was dropped, Father Kliensorge immediately, (after putting some clothes on,) helps citizens evacuate the town and helps them into the park. In the park, he comforts many of the weak and dying people. Even with very little sleep, weeks after he bomb, Kliensorge helps build a new mission, so that more charitable work could be done. Radiation poisoning begins to affect him when he faints while giving mass. Father Kliensorge is the only main character in the book, but he is also one of the most generous of his services to help others.

Another charitable character in Hiroshima was Reverend Mr. Kiyoshi Tanimoto. Mr. Tanimoto was a pastor at the Methodist church and was moving a cabinet for his daughter to a safe location, when the bomb hit. Mr. Tanimoto brought water to the thirsty victims who could not move and when the water of the river began to rise, he tried to move disabled victims to higher ground. He later became the director of Hiroshima’s Peace Center Foundation. Before and after the bomb Rev. Tanimoto was a helpful man.

The bombing of Hiroshima killed many, but also brought the community together through the generous works of its citizens. The characters of John Hersey’s narrative novel that I believe were the most giving of their energy were Father Kleinsorge, Dr. Sasaki, and Reverend Tanimoto. These characters were also the most sacrificial of their lives. Hiroshima was a novel about the way different people gave and reacted to the bombing of Hiroshima.
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