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June 2016 - 3 Flash to 1 Short Challenge - Full Prompt

Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 3:19 pm
by JillStar
May's month long writing challenge was successful... two of our writers have created fun stories that are not quite finished but plugging along nicely! I can't wait to see the final results!

For the month of June we are going to use the same prompts below that were for the month of May.

Your challenge is to finish up what you started for May and come back for more. I suggest picking a different set of prompts (first option, second option, etc) and create another set of 3 flash fiction stories that are connected as the prompt indicates and then adding in your fourth to create one full story.

A Flash Fiction contains approximately 100-1000 words while a short story contains up to about 7500. If you create your three flash fiction stories and then end with your fourth and final flash/short story, you should have one full length short story when you're done.

Here are your options from May's month-long challenge. Pick one of the options and finish each part within a week's time (if possible) and then continue to the next portion. You can post your creation here or start your own writing blog in another area of WT.


Paragraph Prompt – Use the given paragraph as inspiration for the weekly story prompts leading to a mysterious conclusion. There will be weekly prompts to go along with the paragraph.

There wasn’t time to react the way one would react if given the opportunity to think about the entire situation. With everyone’s eyes turned with anticipation and uncertainty, there were only moments and those moments were ticking fast.

Week 1– Write a fictional story based on the above information using third person point of view. Give this story an ending but leave a hidden mystery for later.

Week 2 -Write a story from the viewpoint of another character in the first story showing a completely different version of what happened. Make this character someone unknown in any way to the main character in the first story. Give this story an ending as well and leave the mystery intact, perhaps adding more to it.

Week 3 – write a story of something happening in another part of town (or area) that involves a family member or a friend (or something to this affect) to the main character in story 1 or 2. Make it known that there is a connection, perhaps hinting to a possible solution to the mystery or not mentioning it at all. Give this story an ending as well but keep in mind there is more to come. If this does not work with what you've created so far, be even more creative.

Week 4 – In this final installment, bring a connection to all three of the main characters at some point in the future (a day, week, month, year, etc). Solve the mystery. Make this last part work for what you've created so far.


The Mixed Up Inspiration Challenge – a Hodge podge of prompts leading to a climatic ending!

Week 1 - Pick up a book and turn to chapter 17. Use the chapter title as inspiration to write your first story. No title to chapter 17? Use the 17th sentence instead. Add one or more of the following to your story as well…

a. “These steal toed boots are killing me!”
b. He was older than yesterday by a dozen years.
c. Jumping was the only way to save his/her life.

Week 2 - Use the following character description to write your second story. Put him into a situation that can link him to the first story.

This character is surly and aggressive and has shifty eyes. He was made to work in the family sweatshop and was educated by running errands for Vinny. He married badly and he has a chronic phobia of heights and confined spaces.

Week 3 - Use one of these plot ideas for your third story. Mention a character from one or both of your previous stories.

a. A runaway teen interviews a demoralized drug addicted outlaw.
b. A sensitive 39 year-old woman and a 74 year old-woman are at a marina. A secret recording has been made in this story of deception.
c. A routine blood tests shows two family members are not related in this story of greed.

Week 4 – In this final installment, show a connection of all three stories sometime into the future or even explaining their pasts. Use one of the following…

a. She looked around quickly, to see if anything had been taken.
b. Someone must have seen him, because the police were at his door.
c. As he took in the view from the 20th floor, the lights went out all over the city.


Journey Through Life Prompt – use the prompts to show the progression of life for a group of individuals. What is the moral of your story?

Week 1 – Use ONE of the following groups to begin your journey. The first story should end at a point in life where a new journey might begin.

a. Four boys sitting on a log near a stream throwing rocks and/or fishing
b. Three girls lying in the grass watching the clouds float into different shapes
c. A variety of young children all playing baseball or another sport

Week 2 – Use one of the following groups to continue your journey. You might want to use the one that goes along with the first story or pick another to wrap up a bigger story later.

a. Four men in their 20s heading out to the camp ground where something unusual happens causing an epiphany for one or more of them.
b. Three women in their 20s coincidentally at the same location are reminded of their friendship and decide to make some changes.
c. A variety of people in their 20s pick up where they left off as children and create a team that go on to compete in ways they never imagined.

Week 3 – use one of the following groups/situations to continue your journey. Remember, you can pick any of them but there is to be a moral to your story in the end.

a. Four men in their 40s after years of separation find themselves compelled to meet again and come to some enormous conclusions. One is going through divorce, one is experiencing health issues, one is just tired of mowing the lawn, and one has lost his parent to Alzheimer’s disease.
b. Three women in their 40s after years of living in the same neighborhood and going through many changes get together one night and have a séance.
c. A variety of people in their 40s at war with each other.

Week 4 – Use one of the following groups/situations to finish your story. This is the end… whether a good or bad ending.
a. Four men over 60 – where are they now? Living, dead?
b. Three women over 60 – where are they now? Living, dead?
c. A variety of people over 60 – where are they now? Living, dead?


Roll of the Dice Poetry Challenge. Writing three poems using the weekly prompts (1 poem per week) with a final poem to bring them together.

Week 1 – Use one of the following prompts to write your 12 stanza poem (with or without rhyme). Extra challenge… roll a die to determine which one you will chose.

a. Word Prompt: time, single, burst, view, pocket, shadow, wild, sunset
b. Déjà vu… again and again
c. You took a wrong turn and ended up…

Week 2 – Use the following information to create your second poem.

Part 1) “on the porch, across the lake, down where the grass grows, where he lives”
Part 2) Roll your dice and add both number into your poem

Week 3 – use the following picture for your next poem. Use the word “dice” in your poem.


Week 4 – Roll the dice (literally). Be honest!

a. First roll of the dice… use the number on the die that is furthest from your body. This is the line number (starting from the top of your poem) from your first poem (week 1) that you will use as the first line of your new poem.
b. Second roll of the dice… subtract the smallest die from the largest (re-roll if you rolled doubles). This is the line number (starting from the bottom of your poem) from your second poem (week 2) that you will use as the first line of the second stanza of your new poem.
c. Third roll of the dice… add the two numbers together and then turn the dice over. Add the next set of number together. Now what? Choose 1, 2, or 3 then go to 4.
1. Divide (round up), add 3
2. Multiply, subtract 2, add the numbers together
3. Ignore rolling the dice completely and just use the number 7
4. Once you have made your choice from above, look at your third poem and use the last word from the line associated with this number (from the top or the bottom) or some other math.
d. No more rolling… finish up your poem using all of the items above.

Re: June 2016 - 3 Flash to 1 Short Challenge - Full Prompt

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:07 am
by JB
I am still trying to get the final week's prompt done. Not sure which I will do next.

Re: June 2016 - 3 Flash to 1 Short Challenge - Full Prompt

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:46 pm
by JillStar
I'm curious if it's easier or better to know the prompts in advance rather than on a weekly basis.

Re: June 2016 - 3 Flash to 1 Short Challenge - Full Prompt

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2016 10:06 am
by JB
In retrospect, maybe knowing the prompts in advance is easier, but I liked the "surprise" prompt (if you want to call it that). :D

My writing has waned this past week, cuz a year and a day from my fall that broke my leg, I decided to fall and hurt my other leg. Nothin' broken, but I have a big owie on my knee and my wrist got bruised. The good news is that I am finally back to my writing group here for the first time in over a week. Hopefully, I will get back on track now.

I'm reading over my May story so I can finish it up before going on to the next challenge. Which are you doing? I am still debating the choices, but should be able to decide this week.

OMG is it already the 8th????????? Holy cow. :shock:

Re: June 2016 - 3 Flash to 1 Short Challenge - Full Prompt

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:04 pm
by JillStar
Dude... can I call you dude... stop falling down!!

Honestly, I just looked at my website for something and that's when I noticed I haven't written since April 9th (my last poem). I have got to get back at it. It's pretty much my way... write hot and heavy for weeks and then just drop off the face of the planet. Dumb!

Re: June 2016 - 3 Flash to 1 Short Challenge - Full Prompt

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:13 am
by JB
Dude? My husband calls me "dude-ette. :lol: And funny thing. He said stop falling down, too. Go figure. Oh. Grammarly is saying dude-ette isn't a word. (Poo on you, Grammarly.)

I have to admit, though, when things like that happen to me, I drop off the planet. Get through the pain and then get going again. You would think I would be writing all that time and using my time wisely. Heck no. It's a sickness, I tell ya! Not writing I mean. Of course, my hubby would say it's the falling. Told his boss that he wanted to be at a closer location in case I fall. Can you imagine THAT? Moi? Falling? sigh. I thought not. :wink:

I need to be more like Walter and some of these people that are in my group--published and self-published romance writers (and other genres). It does help when I'm here writing with them to get something done. Didn't you mention a group near you, Jill?

Better get to work, the 45-minute timer our leader sets apparently lost the battery and now she is setting it for 5 minutes. which means, I have only written this in 40 minutes.


Re: June 2016 - 3 Flash to 1 Short Challenge - Full Prompt

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:50 pm
by JillStar
Love it. Although we thought of naming our dog that. It ended up between Buffy and Ellie.

:D :D :D

Re: June 2016 - 3 Flash to 1 Short Challenge - Full Prompt

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:11 pm
by JillStar
Did anyone take on the JUNE challenge? Seems we fizzled out a bit this month but that's not too surprising since summer seems to draw people outside and away from the pen & paper or the keyboard.

We will need to try and set a challenge for another month but keep writing and posting here.